145 Biltmore Avenue Plan Features 27 Condos, ‘Transterior’ Design

145 Biltmore Downtown


Many thanks to Dillon Davis and the Asheville Citizen-Times for this comprehensive write-up about the forthcoming 145 Biltmore Avenue residences.


ASHEVILLE — If they were here today, it’s fair to ask what the developers of Asheville’s Art Deco buildings of the early 20th century would want to see in the city’s modern downtown.

In fact, Al Sneeden wondered the same thing.

Sneeden, a developer and partner of Preserve Communities Groups, hopes the answer might be found in his latest project, 145 Biltmore Avenue. The project features a seven-story, residential-only building made up of 27 condominiums built in the South Slope between Biltmore and South Lexington avenues.

Construction on the project is scheduled to begin in spring 2018. It is expected to be finished by mid-2019.

Preserve Communities Groups touted the project as Asheville’s first “transterior design,” a concept that blends outdoor living spaces and biophilic elements — drawing connections to the outdoors with “abundant” windows, mountain views and winter garden rooms — with indoor residences.