Asheville is for (Dog) Lovers

Deciding where to live, whether you’re putting down roots or only planning to stay for a few years, is a decision that requires a lot of factors to be weighed carefully.

But let’s be honest—the most important factor is how our four-legged companions will enjoy the new digs!

Asheville, North Carolina is already a popular destination thanks to its vibrant downtown, scenic vistas, and word-class restaurants, but it’s quietly become one of the most dog-friendly cities in America as well. It’s very walkable (we’ve heard that dogs are really big fans of walks) yearlong thanks to a pleasant climate, but there are some dog-specific amenities in town that are sure to get some tails wagging.


Dogs Get the Celebrity Treatment in Asheville

It doesn’t take long exploring downtown Asheville to realize how much the residents here love dogs. The first thing you’ll notice is that many shops put water bowls on the sidewalks out front to keep passing canines hydrated and happy. And more likely than not, those shops will welcome your dog inside while you shop; Asheville has a huge number of shopping destinations that welcome dogs as well as their human counterparts. And others that may not often have patio areas that you can enjoy with Fido, such as the patio at Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar (which even features a dog in their logo!)

It’s not just shops, either—many restaurants and breweries in town (of which there are many!) welcome dogs inside while you eat and drink. There are even dog-friendly hotels and bed-and-breakfasts abound, so the globetrotting pooch will feel welcome as well! Just be sure to always have your friend on a leash when you’re trotting about town.

Even the biggest attraction in Asheville (biggest both in acreage and popularity), the Biltmore Estate, is open to dogs. While the mansion itself is closed off to pups, the sprawling grounds and the Estate’s other features are more than happy to host you and your furry friend.


Doggo Destinations

Of course, being out in nature is the biggest thrill for any pupper, and boy are they in for an exciting time—the Blue Ridge Mountains cradling Asheville has countless hikes and trails of all variety of lengths and difficulty for man and his best friend. Enjoy the scenic vistas while getting some much-needed exercise!

There are a number of dog parks around for the social canine as well, including two near downtown Asheville: The French Broad River Park (on Riverview Drive), which features a large fenced-in area along the contours of the river, and the Azalea Dog Park (on Azalea Road) that provides two fenced-in areas, one for small dogs and one for larger ones. Until dogs figure out how to use Facebook, dog parks will remain a popular destination for them to socialize and play, so it’s great that they’re so convenient in Asheville!

And after a long day or hiking, playing, and shopping, stop by the Three Dog Bakery, which is essentially a candy store for puppies, full of toys, quality-ingredient chow, and a whole bakery full of treats. They deserve treats! They’re good dogs, Brent.