Why Asheville's South Slope Is One of The Hottest Addresses in America

Picture a jelly doughnut. It’s delicious enough on its own, right? But—in the center is an extra-sweet filling, making something good even better. That’s how I like to think about Asheville and its South Slope neighborhood, respectively; a place that’s already amazing, yet there’s something more at its core that is not to be missed.

Just a few minutes’ walk from downtown Asheville, South Slope typifies the best of what Asheville is known for. This upscale, trendy part of town is packed with the city’s top restaurants, galleries, breweries, and more. Modern amenities and attractions co-mingling with a city of rich history is Asheville in a nutshell, and South Slope is the epitome of this combination. With luxury living spaces and high-class restaurants alongside beautiful parks, one of the most legendary music venues in the southeast, and more, South Slope is the place to be, even within this already popular Western North Carolina destination.

And don’t worry, if you’re now craving a doughnut after that intro, South Slope’s Vortex Doughnuts has you covered.

Brewery City

When I mentioned breweries above, how many did you picture? Two? Three? Well, hold on to your hops—Asheville has more than a few; it has the highest number of breweries per capita in the US, and South Slope is the epicenter of that scene. Hi-Wire Brewing, Wicked Weed, Catawba Brewing Company, Green Man Brewery, Twin Leaf Brewing, the Asheville Brewing Company, Burial Beer…all are located a short walk from any point in South Slope. And for the avid bicyclists who enjoy a cold pint after a ride, Beer City Bicycles provides a place for cyclists to talk shop over local brews. If you’re not into the microbrew scene, worry not; Asheville has a lot more to offer for both food and entertainment.

Healthy Living

Asheville is an extremely walkable city. Anyone living in South Slope can easily access all they’d need on a daily basis: grocers, banks, shopping, you name it and it’s available downtown. Not only does this walkable space help save transportation and vehicle maintenance costs, it’s great for the health-minded individual. With gyms, parks, yoga studios, and more within walking distance, staying in shape has never been easier, and with Asheville’s immediate proximity to outdoor activities—hiking, kayaking, camping, ziplining, and more—it’s never been more fun. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and right on the French Broad River, Asheville is a four-season city that provides healthy living options at every turn.

More the sporting type? Play a tennis match at Aston Park, or catch a baseball game. South Slope is host to Asheville’s minor-league baseball team, the Tourists, and their home stadium, McCormick Field. Pro tip: on Thirsty Thursdays at Tourists games, craft brews are just $2 a pop.

Feed Your Brain…

Asheville attracts creative types from all over, and the city is host to a number of top-notch galleries, theatres, and music venues. Though downtown is only a few blocks away, South Slope residents don’t have to go that far to check out some great art. For music, check out the legendary Orange Peel, a music venue that has hosted the likes of Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire, Joan Jett, and Macklemore, and in 2008 was named one of the top 5 rock clubs in the nation by Rolling Stone. A memorable night out in South Slope is only a few minutes from home.

…and Your Body!

And if you’re on a night out, you’re in luck! In Asheville you can find some of the best food in North Carolina and beyond, in a variety of cuisines and price points. Downtown Asheville has world-class restaurants for date nights, and for a more casual meal, a number of the breweries are also well-regarded eateries. It does seem like a new, terrific restaurant is popping up every week! Not to be missed is Ben’s Tune-Up in the South Slope, one of the most unique establishments you’ll ever come across: it’s a Japanese beer garden (built in a converted auto shop) that brews its own sake, offers a full Japanese-American fusion menu, and has live music on-site. If you love BBQ, you can’t miss nationally-renowned Buxton Hall. And for a cozy couples’ night, try Cultura.

The South Slope is Only Going Up

Asheville as a whole is rapidly progressing and growing, and the South Slope gives you a front seat to the action. It provides the perfect location for a residence or vacation home, with some of the most stunning living spaces in the city, surrounded by lots to do and see (and eat). Comfort, convenience, and character; that’s the South Slope filling in the center of the treat that is Asheville living.

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