Why Outdoor Spaces Are Crucial For Urban Living

What is the first image that comes to mind when you think about downtown Asheville living?

Perhaps you envision sweeping views, city skylines, or unique industrial finishes.  Nights on the town, cultural events, and becoming a regular at any number of charming local establishments.

One aspect of buying a home or apartment in downtown Asheville you may not consider is the outdoor living space. But just because outdoor space hasn’t been the focus of most urban housing developers in the past doesn’t mean you should miss out on the current movement to create more livable outdoor space for downtown urban residents.

If you know you want to live in the city, consider seeking housing developments which make outdoor space a key focus in their design.

In fact, once they figure out that it’s possible, urban residents may find ample reason to prioritize outdoor living space- even more than suburban residents.


Perhaps some would balk at the idea of giving up coveted indoor square footage to something like a patio or outdoor kitchen. But most people don’t actually use all the indoor areas of their house- they frequent certain favorite spaces and essentially pay for other indoor spaces they hardly use. Typically, these spaces are dining rooms, sitting rooms, hallways, and entrances or foyers.

Prioritizing outdoor space in urban development is an up-and-coming housing trend because homeowners actually use outdoor space. As it turns out, people really like being outside! Not only will you actually hang out in your outdoor urban space- it will help you stay healthy and well-adjusted in a sometimes congested environment.

Parks and other urban green spaces have been proven to be beneficial physically and emotionally to urban residents. Downtown Asheville planners are prioritizing green space over “grey space” in city design, providing healthier, more livable and walkable urban environments.

Applying what we know about the benefits of including green space in urban planning to what we do as developers is the kind of innovation that will change our understanding of urban housing entirely.

Entertain the possibilities for outdoor living space in urban housing.

Urban living no longer means you have to stare out your sad window at the side of someone else’s building. If you’re in the market for a home, perhaps you thought you had to choose between the culture and excitement of urban living and the peace and enjoyment of an outdoor space on your property.

Now you can live, work and play in the city and relax outdoors without taking a retreat to the outskirts.

With innovative housing design, we can offer city dwellers more access to outdoor space than ever before. Visualize seamlessly blended indoor/outdoor spaces, joined by large sliding glass doors and windows. Instead of being relegated to their indoor rooms, residents can prep food or lounge with a cocktail on the deck on a balmy summer night or enjoy hot tea in a three-season “winter garden” room.

For example, our latest downtown housing development in Asheville, North Carolina gives residents access to all of the culture of downtown but prioritizes a focus on the mountains and making the building feel immersed in both the city and natural landscapes simultaneously. To do this, we designed the residences with plenty of efficient glass for mountain and treetop views, operable windows for fresh air and natural light, quaint seasonal garden rooms to maximize greenery and growth, and the largest private decks for cooking, playing and relaxing around a fireplace. Instead of forcing all the residents to share one small rooftop patio or garden, each resident has his or her own private outdoor living space.

Asheville has ample cultural and social draws for urban residents- whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast, music fan or foodie, this small city in the mountains is bursting at the seams with opportunities for engagement.

We couldn’t think of a better way to serve residents of the city in the mountains than to offer access to the beauty of the North Carolina outdoors and the experience of the city simultaneously.

Learn more about our sophisticated urban units with more outdoor living space than any other development, all in the heart of thriving downtown Asheville.